Design Driven Prototyping

How Design Driven Prototyping fosters new opportunities and possibilities for financial institutions


With our Design Driven Prototyping method, Knowledge Lab can create new opportunities and perspectives for financial institutions using the latest digital technologies. Including the Design Thinking approach, market relevance is ensured and strengthened during the prototyping process of digital offers and models.

Design Driven Prototyping is thus a development process that takes a holistic view of all requirements, in particular the form, functionalities and experiences of all stakeholders. It is a clear rejection of the practice of viewing a product as a bundle of product features stacked on top of each other. Design Driven Prototyping enables us to create products and services that are beneficial and useful.


Insight & Action

With the help of Design Driven Prototyping, market strategies and customer needs are quickly verified and innovative products, services and new business models are developed. Our approach is particularly focused on making full use of the interdisciplinary team within Knowledge Lab.

We also provide a realistic environment by using our own prototyping platform "IVA". In this way, Knowledge Lab ensures that the prototype is implemented according to DevOp's principles and can later be smoothly transferred to a productive system.


For Knowledge Lab, Design Driven Prototyping means the holistic view of all stakeholders, technologies and processes affected. The interdisciplinary competences, our design thinking specialists and the prototyping platform "IVA" ensure a successful verification of prototypes and a smooth transition into a productive environment at financial institutions.