Short release cycles and higher quality through automation

Knowledge Lab accelerates with CI/CD processes the software delivery, improves quality and security of all the components of the Avaloq ecosystem.


Financial institutions have to react to changes in customer behaviour more and more quickly. The deployment of the new software can be significantly improved with the introduction of CI/CD processes. With its CI/CD processes, Knowledge Lab has set itself the goal of reducing release cycles and increasing the quality and robustness of the overall system.

Insight & Action

Knowledge Lab has very sound specialist expertise and a broad range of experience in Avaloq project work. We have incorporated the findings of the implemented processes into our documentation and integrated them on our own prototyping platform "IVA". "IVA" is our innovation and simulation environment. The focus on the automation of build-, integration- and test processes on our innovation and simulation environment enables us to overcome “legacy” installation processes.


With the introduction of CI/CD on our innovation platform "IVA", we were able to optimize the development pipeline, detect errors early and correct them as quickly as possible at low cost.