Virtualization, containerization & going cloud native

Knowledge Lab has many years of experience in the automated integration of the core banking suite. We help transform the current architecture into a more scalable, testable, observable, in other words: reliable version.


More and more software vendors are incorporating Kubernetes or other systems to automate deployment, scaling and management in the development of their software. The smooth integration of this new technology into an existing environment and process landscape is a challenge for any organization. The new technologies are complex, and this complexity must be effectively managed.

Insight & Action

We use the state-of-the-art Kubernetes & OpenShift platform as standard, just like your core banking software provider. This technology not only reduces the administrative burden of deploying software solutions in different environments, but also reduces time and licensing costs. The operational concept must take into account a holistic view of the Kubernetes deployments when introducing the technology. This allows for quick analysis and resolution of problems and failures.


Knowledge Lab has already integrated Kubernetes and OpenShift into its own prototyping platform "IVA", an innovation and simulation environment. The consideration of DevOps principles and the monitoring measures ensures that containerization and virtualization work smoothly. Human intervention is only required in exceptional cases.