The age of openness, speed and reach – API Management

Business units and IT in financial institutions have different speeds in general. Traditional core banking systems can only be changed at a certain pace. However, in today's age of openness, speed and reach, financial institutions must respond very quickly to new market opportunities and developments. We help you design and successfully implement their API strategy. Open your applications to the digital world and we support you in the development and use of APIs in the existing IT architecture.


We support you in the design and implementation of your API Strategy. Start opening your applications for the digital world and we will support you in the development and the use of APIs within the current IT architecture.

Insight & Action

The design of the architecture, the integration into the existing system landscape and the provisioning processes are essential success factors. An interdisciplinary team that knows the technical limitations of the legacy systems and is familiar with both on-premise, private and public cloud solutions offer the best success. Combined with efficient deployment processes, this allows new products and enhancements to be made available to various consumers quickly and sustainably. Authentication and access control round out the offering and allow API usage to be protected and controlled.


The implementation of an API management solution provides the basis for a sustainable IT service infrastructure. This is the only way to overcome the different speeds of IT and the business departments. Micro services are grouped and managed according to business capabilities, making it easier to reuse and to control. Finally, APIs, data and micro services are protected via state-of-the-art authentication solutions and access control.