Client-centric omnichannel banking

Services involving various devices, within the branch, for external client meetings, via web or mobile. The short time-to-market, information security and customer experience make the race.


Knowledge Lab leverages existing banking expertise, pioneering spirit and deep knowledge of IT, core banking systems and security solutions to address the challenges of innovative omnichannel solutions. The main challenges are in strategy, complexity, data quality, availability, security and user experience, which requires a high degree of interdisciplinarity to guarantee a result that enthuses across channels and user groups.

Insight & Action 

Omnichannel solutions shape the brand perception of the end customers and are therefore of high importance, which requires an embedding in the corporate strategy. The user experience, the design, as well as the assurance of high data availability, security and integrity do not allow any compromises. Therefore, an empathic and analytical approach for the target definition is essential, which includes a technical conception from the very first moment to ensure feasibility.


A combination of design thinking, of professional and of technical consulting captures the needs and transforms them into concrete requirements and proposed solutions with regards to the devices used, the design, the use and the integration into the system landscape. Design mockups and technical prototypes complete the feasibility study, which results in a detailed implementation plan. A tailored project team with experts in the required areas ensures success.