Client Lifecycle Management

Prospecting, onboarding, modification and closing. Efficient, convenient and compliant.


The customer experience begins with the first contact with the bank and is significantly influenced by the efficiency and innovativeness of the processes. Fully integrated solutions, which ensure not only data integrity but also compliance, pave the way for efficient client advisory services. An evaluation of client and product suitability, as well as the required documents per legislation and bank internal directives, including additional PEP and sanctions list checks, increase efficiency and assurance.

Insight & Action

Knowledge Lab combines banking expertise in the client lifecycle management processes and advisory with the legal understanding of the regulatory requirements when dealing with bank customers. The deep technical understanding of system landscapes, IT architectures and core banking systems, together with the knowledge of best-of-breed market solutions for client lifecycle management, ensure Knowledge Lab’s ability to implement solutions in their entirety, from conception to go-live.


Digital, guided processes for client management, which are equally appreciated by client advisors and end customers. Paperless, if desired. Automated compliance checks and business rules serve to increase efficiency and legal assurance. The modeling of business rules allows a high degree of flexibility and builds on existing data. The full solution integration allows seamless data use in subsequent processes such as e.g. wealth advisory.