Regulatory & Compliance

Sustainability through effectiveness & efficiency


Not only the events that led to a worldwide financial crisis from 2007 onwards, but also the new challenges posed by the digitalization and globalization of financial services have resulted in stronger regulation, which resulted in massively increased costs. These costs must be reduced by a combination of stringent processes, intelligent risk management and -monitoring, and a high degree of automation and integration.

Insight & Action

A fundamental analysis compares the legal requirements with the status quo in the areas of business and IT. The business focus is on processes, organization and market orientation, while in IT the system landscape, components and data are analyzed. A proposed solution is integrative and contains the required key elements consisting of automated check and business rules, case and escalation management, monitoring and reporting, fully integrated into the core banking system.


Knowledge Lab uses the data from the core banking and other peripheral systems in processes that keep manual interaction to a minimum for standard cases. Four-eye checks, approvals and defined possibilities for overriding allow full control, while efficiency remains high and risk low. Regulatory documents, questionnaires, client and product suitability and other checks are automatically evaluated by automated business rules and used in the processes.