Frictionless authentication

Airlock2FA is an integrated solution for frictionless and secure authentication for your digital business. 


In the digital age, customers and financial institutions expect secure and innovative authentication that is fully integrated into the current system landscape. We have found a solution that combines excellent usability, reasonable maintenance costs and highest security standards.

Insight & Action

Knowledge Lab evaluated the various established, innovative solutions for strong authentication and compared them with a specifications catalog. The own implementation of the solution on our prototyping platform "IVA", an innovation and simulation environment, has shown that Airlock2FA meets the requirements regarding security and integration into the existing architecture to a very significant degree and leads to a high customer satisfaction.


Knowledge Lab has created a prototype for strong authentication on its own innovation platform "IVA" on IAM Release 7.1 Pre, demonstrating smooth authentication within a standard Avaloq environment with Core Banking and Avaloq Front Platform. This has given us the expertise to confidently execute the implementation steps in a customer project.