Alternative Content Management System

Select your content management solution for your web banking according to your needs


The running costs for the operation of a banking platform become more and more important in times of shortage of budget. Especially the license costs are a factor that should not be neglected. For this reason, Knowledge Lab has set itself the goal of offering an alternative Content Management System (CMS) or just a static HTML page for orchestration, depending on the customer's needs.

Insight & Action

Knowledge Lab takes into account the different scenarios in a bank to provide a holistic picture of licensing, maintenance and support costs when evaluating the CMS, without ever losing sight of the security of customer data. Thus, we are able to carry out a development that is precisely tailored to the individual needs, taking all the above-mentioned factors into account, as well as the updating of the content and the integration into the system landscape.


Following the DevOps principles, Knowledge Lab has already incorporated the integration of various CMS into its own prototyping platform "IVA". The implementation in our innovation and simulation environment enables us to demonstrate our solutions in a practical way and to show the savings potential of running costs.