Interactive Investment Advisory

Visualized and integrated investment recommendations and decisions with Adviscent. From the recommendation to the trade.


In the digital age customers and financial institutions expect secure and innovative authentication fully integrated in the current ecosystem. Excellent user-friendliness and reasonable maintenance costs are a basic prerequisite for long-term success in this area. Our goal was to find a solution that meets all these requirements without compromise.

Insight & Action

Knowledge Lab has evaluated various established and emerging solutions for strong authentication and compared them to a catalogue of requirements. The own implementation of the solution on the innovation platform IVA has shown that Airlock2FA meets the requirements regarding security, integration into the existing architecture and customer experience.


Knowledge Lab has decided to integrate Adviscent's solution on their own prototyping platform "IVA". Accepted investment recommendations and their implications on the weighting of asset classes are automatically reflected in Avaloq via specially built interfaces. Once the investment proposal has been finally accepted, trades can be generated automatically.