Different disciplines with one goal: smarter solutions.

The possibilities of combining DevOps, Digital Banking and Data Science are almost unlimited. You define the optimum for your financial institution. We work together with you in the combination of our competencies to achieve this.

Innovation Platform

Innovation Plattform

Knowledge Lab maintains its own prototyping platform “IVA”. The full stack core banking system offers an innovation and simulation environment in which, regardless of your organizational structure, fully integrated developments up to reliable functionality can be developed, tested and optimized. Knowledge Lab thus covers all phases from idea generation to integration.

The benefit for you?
Maximum efficiency through rapid prototyping: Immediate validation of the feasibility, integration and functionality of our developed solution.  

«IVA»is made up of a production-configured web application firewall, identity management, web banking and a core banking system.Our developers can create individual innovation environments for the solution we are currently developing for you. Our solutions are comprehensible, well thought-out from start to finish and ensure integration and deployment processes. And thus the integrity of your solutions.